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Hey, I'm Angel.
I'm a twenty year old PR major who cries over Louis Tomlinson. There is literally nothing else to know about me.
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@Eduardo14U: @Louis_Tomlinson thanks man!!! Enjoy Chicago mate.


@Eduardo14U: @Louis_Tomlinson thanks man!!! Enjoy Chicago mate.

Chicago 28.8.14

Chicago 28.8.14

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The girl you just called hot? That me

do you have any thoughts on Harry's section of the autobiography, about going to LA?
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it’s funny

Let's say the contract does end in October, but they can't sign with Azoff until Jan 1, due to the non-compete clause. Who would handle the promo for the new album, since basically the boys would be without management for 3 months? Sony/Syco or would an Azoff approved PR firm handle the promo?
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We have NO IDEA when their current team’s contract ends, nor do we know of what legal loopholes might potentially be available for the new team despite the non-compete in place.

Irving Azoff is not a man to just take a mandate and accept it. He has the financial resources, the skills, the staff and a LONG history of finding ways to get what he wants.

Even if a changeover in teams can’t be completed until January 1 as a result of the non-compete, the rumored Nov 24th release date would have the record coming out right smack in the midst of the handover period and the new team would undoubtedly handle all of that process, even if they’re technically, officially not clients yet.

The loophole may rely in the specific wording of the non-compete. I looked into it while talking to thisiskatsblog and I found that, while Irving Azoff has a non-compete clause with LiveNation, nothing was said in regards to CAA, a different subsidiary, and if he is not the majority shareholder of CAA any new clients wouldn’t be solely under his name, which would exclude a breakage in the non-compete rule. (x)

In addition, the non-compete carve-out allows Azoff to participate in recorded music, music publishing, television (a project called “Marshall” is specifically named), music contest shows like “American Idol,” motion pictures, book publishing, video games, non-concert live stage productions, production and financing, among other endeavors. (x)

Azoff Music Management will, however, face conditions when it comes to taking on any artists with already established careers, defined in the filings as "permitted artists." Azoff’s former management firm, Front Line, is under Live Nation control and continues to work with more than 250 artists. Through the start of 2015, Azoff Music Management can link with just five additional permitted artists, with SEC filings defining the term as those artists with revenues equal or less than $5 million for the prior 12-month period. Those with revenues greater than $5 million are defined as “restricted,” and Azoff Music Management would be allowed to take on a restricted artist in 2013 and 2014 only if one of his current major artists, such as the Eagles or Aguilera, were to terminate their contracts with him. (x)

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In just 4 months and with 17 dates left, the Where We Are Tour has grossed a little bit over $230 million so far

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theatre challenge | [3/10] shows → spring awakening
it’s the bitch of living and living in your head, it’s the bitch of living and sensing god is dead. it’s the bitch of living and trying to get ahead, it’s the bitch of living just getting out of bed.

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Here’s the clear video of drake singing to me. :’)

free me I ain’t do nuthin

free me I ain’t do nuthin


Arthur Ashe Courage Award

The ESPY Awards Honored Michael Sam Last Night With The Arthur Ashe Courage Award. His Acceptance Speech Was Truly Amazing

Watch The Entire Video. It Demonstrates How Much Coming Out Encourages Others.

Way To Go, Bro!



I legitimately can’t tell the difference

this is actually so rude and like super gross? like okay i get it hes not the cutest but like why would you compare him to benedict cumberbatch?

why do I wake up to this

"literally who is using this as “Larry proof”" ur recent reblog abt azoff is. It's talking abt how incredibly courageous of Harry to make such a personal statement. Yup nvm what Michael Sam did u kno coming out in a most hostile environment smh. C'mon angel lbr ofc it would be used as a proof. Larry has always been abt fetishizing than anything to do w/queer issues. Like what those 2 girls w/the Larry shirts did are LS still gon claim its abt empowering the queers in the fandom instead of Larry?
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People talking about Harry being courageous for what he did takes nothing away from how brave Michael Sam is and I don’t see anyone doing that. When I made that post, posts being made were just about how great it was for Harry to do that regardless of his sexuality. And those girls with the shirts didn’t make any statement about how they were lgbt advocates…they just wanted to wear cute shirts at the meet and greet like!!! What is your angle

Harry and louis are seething with gay anger and rage in that photo they hate larry shippers so damn much
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