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Hey, I'm Angel.
I'm a twenty year old PR major who cries over Louis Tomlinson. There is literally nothing else to know about me.
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I’m putting this under a read more so it doesn’t clog up your dash but yeah these are my Louis Tomlinson feels

Okay so the thing about Louis Tomlinson is that there are actually so many reasons to love him but I suck at expressing myself so just bear with me. Like a lot of people in this fandom, I watched the video diaries and of course people saw Louis and were like “oh my gawd he’s soooo funny” but like I didn’t feel that way after watching them? I felt like he was kind of overdoing it and just not being his naturally funny self and that kind of put me off a little at the beginning but then I looked at how he interacted with the other contestants on the show when the spotlight wasn’t on him and I felt like I could see genuine Louis like the way that you could tell everyone loved him and cared for him and how much joy he brought into their lives and THAT HE ACTUALLY WAS REALLY FUNNY and how his being loud was so inviting and that made me realize how amazing he truly was. Watching Louis do interviews later with the boys made me fall more in love with him tbh. I have such an affinity for people who are complete jokesters but are mature enough to know when to tone it down and Louis is actually perfect at it. He’s so quickwitted and sarcastic and people like that are who I find the most intriguing.

The way Louis is so outspoken is probably one of the characteristics that sticks out to me the most because like I’m not one to usually speak my mind on things because I’m afraid of consequences but Louis just doesn’t give a fuck. The way he stands up for people he loves is so admirable I could puke. No matter how much this fandom may frustrate him, I feel like he’d still defend us regardless. Also he could be a shitty boyfriend and just tell Eleanor to just suck all the hate she gets up but he doesn’t. He defends her and I know he gets tired of doing it but he doesn’t stop. I love that he’s a /family guy/ too like it’s obvious how much he loves his mom and sisters. During the Year In The Making documentary, when he started talking about his parents divorce and how leaving Jay made him feel, it allowed for the fans to see another side of Louis and that reminded me of how Louis is still just a regular person.

I get really defensive in regards to him because in my eyes he’s nearly perfect and some people just really don’t /get/ him and make snap judgments that end up being incorrect like the whole restaurant incident. I always tell people that Louis has my favorite voice, not the best but just my favorite, and people look at me like I’m crazy. Do you ever realize that when he sings, he’s basically smiling the entire time? Like you can actually /hear/ him smiling and that makes me smile and it like reminds me that no matter how frustrated he gets with the world or this fandom, he still finds joy in singing. I know people thinks he’s an asshole and things because of his reactions to some things but I’m thankful for that because that’s him showing us his personality. He’s not changing just because he’s famous and I admire that ok.

Also, the boy is just straight up gorgeous. He’s so unconventionally beautiful that I sometimes can’t believe it. I don’t use words like “hot” or “sexy” to describe him because they don’t do him justice. It’s like I feel he has characteristics that aren’t supposed to be attractive but they are. I find everything about him physically endearing. The way he slouches, his small lips, his stomach pudge even though he has abs, the widows peak that sometimes can’t be seen, the way his eyes crinkle when he laughs, his biceps, hiS FOREHEAD. I’ve never been a person who obsessed over fashion or the clothes a guy wore but the way Louis dresses drives me insane. The way he always has his ankles showing and his stupid Toms AND I DON’T EVEN LIKE TOMS BUT LOUIS FUCKING TOMLINSON MAKES ME WANT TO OWN EVERY PAIR OF THEM. For me, the taller the better but with Louis, I don’t care because his personality compensates for it by taking up the entire room without being suffocating. The two comparisons that Louis has to Peter Pan and a real life veela make me cry. Idk they’re just such beautiful things to be compared to and Louis just really deserves those comparisons imo. Also, how the fuck is he always so tan like it doesn’t sense at all.

I hate that I feel this way about someone I’ve never met but shit like this happens and you just can’t control it. Basically I think the sun shines out of Louis Tomlinson’s /abnormally large for a white boy/ ass and if you’ve read this far, I think the sun shines out of your ass as well.